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Facelift dash removal

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just thinking out loud and Now I’m using the car I’m considering retrimming the dash panels and the centre panels / tunnel Which are currently Matt vinyl and wondered how much of a mission it is to remove them ?  The car has the facelift dash so I’m hoping it’s not too bad?




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3 hours ago, Giniw said:

It's not covered in leather?


(quite a lovely interior!)

Nope, vinyl all the way 🙈

7 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

Super easy chap - just a few screws. Far simpler than anything you’ve done to date. 💪

Do I need a hammer ?

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Carbon Sport 350 instrument cluster cover and centre switch console, you lucky sod. How did you get those? I’ve just had mine skinned in genuine carbon for the same effect as you can’t get these bits for love nor money!

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A valid point, and I did worry a bit myself yeah. But the rake of the windscreen means the reflection is really high up towards the sun visor so it doesn’t obscure your vision at all. I tried it yesterday as it was sunny!

also I wear polarised sunglasses so whenever there is sun and therefore more reflection, I’ll be wearing sunglasses which reduces the reflection by probably about 80% or so. But like I say it’s not in my field of vision anyway. 
That said, I’m 6’4” so my seating position may help as well! May not be the same for everyone. :)

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