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Elite S1 stereo speaker location

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Standard was two speakers in the rear. They are mounted in the rear 1/4 panel and technically face the wrong way. You should be able to feel a hole or speaker grill in the seat side of the pocket. 


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They are a bit of a pain to access since, as you say, the rear seat has to come out. The seats are held in by 3 screws, 2 at the bottom just under the carpet and one on the tunnel side of the seat just in front of the rear cabin window. The centre consol trim running up to the rear cabin screen needs to be removed and this is just held in with the Lego brick type fasteners so a good tug should be all you need. The rear seat belts, if you have them, might be a bit of an annoyance as the clasp is feed through the seat. The speaker is easily accessed from here!

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Hi both, thanks for the detailed info. Very valuable.  I reckon that I should be able to get going and can see what can be done.

TBH, when I read “you only need to” It leads me to take a deep breath and get prepared for rusted and inaccessible fixings. But it sounds like there may not be too many this time. Thus far delving into the interior usually leads to an adventure in which the POs illuminate the way with a mixture of wood screws, silicone sealant and gaffer tape. Fingers crossed...

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Just been looking at my car ( 74 model ) and there is a 4th fixing at the top of the seat near the window. It's a vertical threaded stud that goes through the fibre glass and is secured from within the boot ( IIRC).

There's every chance though that a PO has left the nut off. Try lifting the corner vertically first. You might be luck

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