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Carbs Rebuilt But Needing Adjustment

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After years off the road my S3 is running again. I rebuilt the carbs very carefully but the engine sounds like a truck. The synchrometer gives 3.5 kg/h for cylinders 3 & 4 at idle and 5.5 and 6.5 for 2 and 1 respectively. I'm going to adjust the openings between the two carbs first and then check the idle before fiddling with the mixture screws as I often change the mixture first and always regret it. The mixture screws weren't touched in the rebuild. Has anyone any suggestions?

#1 is spitting fine drops of fuel out of the trumpet - what does this mean?



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Nice rebuild! :P

1. Check float heights

2. Set timing

3. Synch Carbies (flow meter, vacuum or rubber hose techniques)

4. Adjust idle flow screws (colourtune or two-leads off at a time techniques)

5. redo 2-4

Here is a couple of fact sheets / products from 'The Elan Factory' I found helpful:


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Thanks for the compliment Iain and for your helpful words and links. I started fiddling before I found your posting and although the car runs a little better, following the procedure in your links will help me do a better job.

The car doesn't feel right yet. The clutch feels wildly agressive - far more so than than I remember it and one of the front wheels feels wobbly - more things to investigate. Having it off the road for so long was no way to treat a 32,000 mile S3. :lol:

Thanks again,


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