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410 wheel offset

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Hi people, ive tried a search prior to starting this topic and couldnt find clear answer.......what is the stock wheel offset of the 17x7.5 front  wheels and 18x10 rear wheels??  Thanks

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What are those specs also please?

Im thinking mainly for a set of track wheels

Wedsport tc105x have a design friendly for brake clearance....sizes may be limited though

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PCD Front 110.0 ± 0.1 mm
PCD Rear 114.3 ± 0.1 mm

Spigot Front 65.14 mm
Spigot Rear 68.14 mm


Never heard of Wedsport so did a quick Google.  Buy price alone most likely these are cast wheels.  So will be heavier than forged ones; you will notice that (given you have forged ones, but I see you have a 410, so I think they are always forged?).  I went from OEM cast wheels to custom made forged ones, and the difference is noticeable.


But that will sort itself as I'm pretty sure that Wedsport don't do wheels in the correct size/pcd dimensions 😉


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All of wedsport wheels in their range are cast you are right and they are affordable, except for one of their wheel models called the 'tc105x' which are forged aluminium. In japan this wheel is very popular for racing as it is extremely light. The 18x10 +35 sized tc105x wheel weighs 8.23kg compared to lotus forged 18x10 at 9.07kg. So these tc105x wedsports are lighter  compared to lotus....just need to check front wheel size

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Great info, didn't know that!  Always nice to see other alternatives becoming available.  

Would suggest an 8 inch wide front wheel if you can order width to spec.

Just watch out for the offsets as I've read (no personal experience) that ET 35 at the rear might rub?

I'm running ET 27 on an 18x10 at the rear, 265 tire.

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