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Headlight washer sticking up

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One my headlamp washers is staying popped out after use, instead of sinking back down.  I can manually push it back down.  Is there an easy fix, e.g. cleaning something or will it need replacing?  If the latter I'll try out the Silverstone used car warranty.  I was going to speak to them about a sticky paddleshifter anyway so will ask about this too.


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I had the same issue a few weeks ago, this is how I sorted mine.

Activate the washers as normal so you can see them spraying in the raised position then quickly turn the ignition key to the off position leaving them in the high position.

Have a look inside the assembly and you can the see the plastic rail that moves up and down, I gave the rail a clean and squirted some WD40 onto it, operate the washers a few times and apply some more WD.

It didn’t work immediately but the next day everything worked just fine, and they have continued to do so. I’m hoping that this will have sorted it permanently.







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Thanks both.. Once the nearside washer is up it stays up so no problems getting to it.  I'll have a look at the weekend and see if wd40 works.  I have to push it firmly all the way down so suspect it could be the spring issue though.

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