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2bular 70mm track/road silencer

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When I bought my GT410 in place of my V6 Exige, I had thought my track driving days were done and I could grow old gracefully but 2 years on and I’ve got a hankering to return. 
Trouble is the OEM exhaust won’t get me on any UK days, so I’ve been thinking about one of Jim’s 70mm road/track silencers. Has anybody bought one for their 4** series car and can tell me what it’s like please?

I’m kinda loathe to get rid of the standard valved system as, well, I do rather like the sound it makes!😁 That being said, I’m sure the 2bular silencer will still sound purposeful. I had one on my Elise SC many years ago and loved that one, plus it didn’t drone at touring speeds as some after market silencers can. Additionally it was way lighter than the Lotus boat anchor the car had from new. 
Any experiences of this silencer that anybody would care to impart please?

Yes, I am aware of certain challenges some have faced in dealing with Jim, but I found him very easy to deal with previously and always like to take folk as I find them. 😁

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I have one. I don't know if its a prototype or the final one - it was fitted by the previous owner, indeed the rolling road graph on the 2bular website is of my car. Its one of the earliest so far as I'm aware. 

It sounds pretty great still, probably is still too loud for most UK tracks to be honest. I've hopefully got a set of the 350mm cans being sent to me by the end of next week. I'm off to Snetterton thereafter to try them out! Hopefully they will enable me to explore the rev range higher up than c5k or so that my current cans do, which are only 250mm and don't have the tips on. Otherwise I will have to get the QP silencer. If I were starting from OE and wanted to do some trackdays, that's probably what I would do tbh. 

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Thanks for that. I’ll be interested in how you get on with noise levels at Snetterton so can I ask you update me after you’ve been please? 👍

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Sure, no problem. They aren't static testing at mo so it's going OK be subjective I'm afraid unless I get black flagged. 

I'm at Snett early August, I have left some leeway for the timing on the new cans to slip... 

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