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Newcomer and future 410/430 owner with a few questions.


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Hi Alastair,

Thats reassuring, the raw nature is very appealing. I love visceral cars, I find our Honda Type R quite noisy on long runs but if a Cup 430 was similar it would be eminently liveable as a second car for everything it offers.  The one blocker could be the mrs cracking it at the difficulty getting out! We will get to Oakmere in a few weeks and see a few cars and test the waters.

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Great link thanks Pete, amusing to see the different techniques. The winner at just over 4 sec makes it look easy but I am not sure I could ever beat that in a 'normal' car. I will have to study the videos so I can make it look effortless to the other half 🤣

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The Exige and Lotus in general we find are very comfy cars.
We've had an Elise s2 and did 3000miles in 7 days and no issues around Europe. 
S2 Exige again was comfy but a lot more noisy on the motorway.
V6 Exige is quieter and great on long journeys, lower revs than the s2 although we do miss the supercharge noise. 
Couple of LeMans classic trips with tents as well in the 350.
As some one else said my kids & misses fall asleep on motorways its that comfy. 
We've just changed from a 350 to 410.  We went and drove both 410 Exige and Evora around Hethel.   Misses said no to Evora stating the Exige 410 or keep 350, its got that raw special feeling.  410 ride is great.
From what you say I'd say Exige should be 1st thought. 
As for drive we have to reverse at an angle to avoid bottoming the front,  yet looking at drive it looks flat, dip in wrong place.  The 410 you can alter the height so may be an option. 410 seems better than the 350.
Oakmere have a Purple 410 in stock ;)
good luck with search.

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Thanks RedLancer (are you a TME owner 😉). Appreciate your experience and surprised how quiet owners find the Exige for something that looks so uncompromising. I need to experience it.

Good to hear your comments on the driveway, I suspect that would be our Plan B too should the car scrape.


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Mondie - many of the 430 owners end up with the rubber lip taken off the front splitter so it ends up no different to a 410 in terms of ground clearance. Just mentioning this in case you mistakenly treat the rubber lip (or front clearance more generally) as a differentiator between 410 and 430.

Ps. I saw you asked about the Ti exhaust. Given the noise is essentially the same, I think you’d be mad to spend £5.5k for a relatively small weight saving and the purple tint. 

Whether you end up with a 410 or a 430 you’ll be a happy chappy. They’re both awesome. The price of a 410 depends massively on what spec you want (how much carbon etc). Can be an £75k car or a £90+k car. 

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Thanks Gordon and Martrack, appreciate the info. I made it into the local Lotus service dealer (no showrom) and it seems they have connections and can source cars. While I won't do anything until next year and are finding it hard to resist a 3yo GT-R, its good to know there is a passionate and enthsiast Lotus dealer on my doorstep. Forutunately I have plenty of time to flip flop on which to go for.

Unlike most I suspect, I live 3 miles from a Lotus dealer but over 60 from a Nissan dealer or reputable independant.  Decisions decisons 😉

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