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Side scoop cleaning ?

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I’ve been doing some detailing on the car today and noticed that the plastic bit under the mesh of the side scoop is looking a little in need of some black plastic cleaner (I’m really fastidious). Does anyone know if there‘s an easy way to remove the mesh in order to access the plastic piece ? My guess is that there probably isn’t,  in which case how can this piece be cleaned please ?

I’m a bit reluctant to try and do it with a small artist’s brush through the mesh in case it turns out looking rubbish.


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The side ducts are bolted to the underside of the rear clam. There isn't a lot of room up under there, so I'm not sure if you can remove them without taking the clam off. 

I've seen some posts on LT where people have used very small brushes with long handles through the grills. But I can only imagine how tedious that would be. 

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I used my daughters paint brush from her toy paint box 

it’s tiny and I did my front grille and sides during lockdown when weather was kind.

i used a black high temp paint and it took me about 2 hours, I used a cushioned mat and kneel pad as I knew it would be painful to my joints ! Lol 

end result : was great and took away the slightly rusty and worn appearance making the grille areas stand out 

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That seems reasonable to tidy up the mesh grills, but I could only imagine how long it would take to actually brush the plastic ducts behind the grills. 

My rear ducts definitely are faded and could use some renewing, but I haven't bothered to see if they can be pulled out from the wheel wells yet. May tackle that this fall when it isn't so hot in the garage. 

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remove the air intake box and Air I take tube, reach in with a cloth to twist round and wipe down?? Not sure about the offside One as that has a thick pipe that seems less accessible?

my other idea perhaps you could use a thin barbecue stick wrapped in a peice of cloth And poke it through ares that need a clean 😳

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