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New owner. Recommend an exhaust please. Gear Linkage

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I pick up my first Lotus next week.  A 2017 Elise 220 sport. My thoughts on the test drive was that the exhaust was a little too quiet and that the gear change wasn't the best if you rushed it ( Im comparing to a modern German / Japenese jelly mould ). The car has 4800 miles. I did read before hand that the linkages were changed on the newer current ones, I assume to improve this. Is this normal? Can it be improved? 

I want to change the backbox to something that give its a bit more of a sporty sound. I assume I don't have to change the full system. I don't  want crazy loud but ab etter tone than it currently has. If I get a back box does that mean I got to have it remapped and tuned or can I just change the box without upsetting anything? Is there one that suits this requirement better than another? 

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Just a 2bular backbox sounds great without being to loud. 

The cheapest is just getting a larini decat replacement pipe. I have one because my cat desintegrated on track and flew thru the exhaust (not kidding). It sounds more grunty and it backfires pretty hard on upshift when driving it hard so pretty sweet actually!

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