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1974 lotus Europa special starting problems

Hunter Lush

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Hi guys I am working on a 1974 lotus Europa special, it was previously worked on by an mechanic who got it to start once but screwed up the wiring and it hasn't run since then,  it has dual throttle body injection dellotro carberatuers that I just rebuilt with a new gasket kit and float chamber needle I have been messing with the mixture screws trying to get it to start and it has an electric fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator that won't stop running when the keys on, it cranks over but has yet to start I am going to test the sparkplugs for spark (brand new sparkplugs) but other then that is there something i am missing to get it to start? should the fuel pump be running all the time? this is my first lotus and i need some help please


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Not sure what you mean by "dual throttle body injection dellotro carberatuers".  Does it have injection?  Sounds like it's carburettors only.  In that case, the fuel pump should run for a few seconds to fill up the float chambers and then stop until some fuel is used.  If the pump is running all the time you either have a fuel leak (which I would expect you to notice from the smell of fuel) or no fuel is getting to the pump, possibly because of dirt in the tank blocking the tank fuel outlet.

You can either take the lid off one carb to see whether there is fuel in the float chamber or pump the throttle a few times and see whether fuel is being squirted into the manifold.  You need to remove the air filter to see this.

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I've never heard of a Special on an electric fuel pump from the factory, if all else fails, try putting it back to a mechanical fuel pump. At least then you can trouble shoot according to factory standard. I have something somewhere describing how to set up the Dellorto's, will dig it out when I get a minute...

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