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you guys are going to hate me! Porsche Turbo s vs Exige 430


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So my car search continues and I'm happy to hold off until I can gauge what's going on with the economy etc to ensure I buy at the right time

So it look like a Porsche is now in the mix and I have to stress I haven't driven any form of exige or any porsche at all in my lifetime... I am however familiar with fast saloons and im coming from an M5 which isn't exactly slow

so for around 85k I think I can get the following

5 year old turbo s with under 30k on the clock

2 year old 430 cup with under 10k on clock

Both very different cars I get that but I want to make sure I get this purchase right...I do have 2 young kids and a wife to consider so it would be nice to get everyone in one car however im not getting any younger and have been relatively sensible all my life hence the exige which would be an entirely selfish buy what why not right? you only live once and all that. (I do have however use of a second car which is my wifes)


I appreciate im on a lotus forum here but would still very much appreciate your views 



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It really depends on what you want.

430 Cup probably about the most engaging drivers car you can buy. Smokes most road cars on track. Will put a smile on your face on the darkest day.

911 Turbo very fast but not so involving unless you get the latest 992. But easier to get in / out of, rear seats, sat nav, free coffee when you get a service. Not really a regular track car. A more premium product in its own way.

Evora 2+2 might be a closer comparison to the Porsche,

Evora GT430 is special and around this price point.

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Two completely different cars. 

I have a 911, if only in Carrera S form. Full luxury, space for the kids in the back, fantastic to drive, looks the part. Driven the Turbo a few times and its just blisteringly fast, but sanitised. You get used to the speed very quickly, and all wants to do is  go fast and thats where the fun is. A complete licence shredder and not really a track car. Expensive (relatively) consumables, pads, etc.

Havent driven the 430 (thanks god, would want one ), but have the 410, which is now on order. Involving, extreme, visceral, fantastic feedback. Super car looks, all the things everyone says on here. The 430 must be a step up again.

Im lucky enough to be able to have both 911 and Exige.

Dont envy your choice, but nice position to be.

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In reality only you can make the choice.

In pretty much every measurable way the porsche is the better car, its faster, more comfortable, built better,  likely to depreciate less and in your situation has rear seats, however in non measurable ways its a bit numb and once you get used to the speed, quite boring.

The exige sounds better and is more exciting if you do weekend countyside blasts or trackdays but if its for commuting or just having a nice drive out with the family then the porsche is what you need. Really different cars for different needs. When you decide what you need the right car falls in to place.

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Great choice to have!

I have an almost 20 year old 996 Turbo running old Skool 700 bhp, no traction, 2WD etc and a Cup 380.

The Porsche is a very practical car, easy to get in and out of. Has two useful child seats in the back. 911’s have great storage. It’s things like cup holders, door pockets, glove boxes etc you realise you lose when in the Exige.

Now, iro of driving, no comparison. Ignoring power delivery  and traction etc the first thing you notice is weight. The Exige (even in V6 form) is a very light modern car. 
Most appropriate word for driving experience is Visceral.

I track both cars and they have their faffs. I have to change the exhaust over for the 380 and the Porsche chews very expensive Giro Discs!

I swapped my Evora 400 for the Exige Cup. I sold my 996 GT3 CS prior to that.

have you thought of an Evora Cup car? It’s a mid way car I think. Very fast, practical (ish), more storage but still tricky to get in and out of. Plus they sound brilliant on n WOT.

oh , and stay away from turbo 4pots (wife has a GLA45), Porsche or Merc, they are clever but not sixes!

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i still have this dilemma however buy the time I come to buy ie in around 6 months im actually swayed towards a the lotus however for this to work with me and my family set up i would have to buy a good old practical car as well so throwing a golf r estate into the mix as well

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From what I have heard from mates who like Pork, the kids soon grow out of (literally in size and mentally in mind) the back seats of the 911 and what was fun becomes a chore. The novelty basically wears off when you are shoe horned in the back.

However, totally your call and as others have said extended test drives are the way to go to make sure you get the best car for you.

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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