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Hello All

I was wondering if I might get some help from you knowledgeable folk..

Evora S1

Issue handbrake telltale stays on.

So symptoms are, if I turn the ignition on with the handbrake off then the tell tale will light for 3 seconds then go out as designed. If I apply or remove the handbrake for 10 seconds I can see the light going on and off as usual. After 10 seconds then the tell tale remains lit all the time. So I assume the handbrake switch is funtioning as it should.

According to the book of words this means the brake fluid is low. I've checked the brake fluid and it was fine. The brake fluid sensor is working fine (no continuity when fluid level is ok.) I've tried disconnecting the brake fluid sensor which should turn the tell tale off, but it still remains on. Also no continuity of the brake sensor wires.

I tried looking in the service manual but I can't find the schematic of the brake fluid sensor mentioned anywhere other than a quick mention of 'can functions' where it's listed.

Anyone got any ideas as it's bugging me that I can't diagnose any further!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I believe there's someone on the LT forum with the same issue. He had the issue traced to some sort of ABS-related fault, but not one that can be cleared by an OBD2 reader/scanner. Likely something that needs a TechCentre. 


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Just a thought: did you test the brake fluid level with the handbrake on or off? It might make enough of a difference (not sure which way around) to actually trigger the light properly, perhaps?

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