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Official weight with fuel ?


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Does Lotus give car's weights dry or will fluids+full tank ? For exemple 1125kg for the Sport 350 is dry or not ?

And it s w/o aircon, nvh and floor mats and with forged wheels and 2pc brakes ?

Do you know the weight added by nvh ?

I know a/c is about 7kg

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Lotus generally report their marketing spec numbers in the DIN standard, so it's with all the base-model standard parts. This includes all fluids and I think a 90% full fuel tank, but does not include any weight for driver.

Interestingly they don't report a different weight for things like the V6 roadster (which has no roof, spoiler or splitter) -- so I think in some ways they may be rather conservative in terms of reporting "added lightness" numbers.

I have the EC Certificate of Conformity for my own car (2013 Exige S race+premium)signed by the Lotus manufacturing manager.

The CoC gives the year of production and the Unit Number, as well as a whole bunch of data on the back -- it lists 1251Kg as the Mass of the vehicle in running order (note that this is DIN+75Kg, which is how the EC spec works).

I think my car would be something like 1176kg DIN, minus something like 5kg for a wiper fluid tank full to empty.

If we take 40 litres to be the fuel capacity and 0.741g/l to be the typical density for vpower 99, a 90% full fuel tank (36l) equates to just over 26kg of fuel.

The hardtop is more than one thing (carbon or fibreglass specifications) and can be removed for speeds up to 140mph, with obvious detriments to handling once in the aerodynamic regime of use. I've read that the fibreglass roof is something along the lines of 11kg (this was in an advert for a 3rd party carbon roof!)

The fibreglass one on my V6 weighs about 13Kg.

I'd imagine the car is very slightly faster at things like 0-60mph without it, but much slower at >100mph without it. You'd be deaf above about 130mph anyway, if my experience is anything to go by. The gains due to lower weight would be very marginal.


I'm actually interested in taking the car to a weighbridge now...


* vpower data from


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14 hours ago, GFWilliams said:

It’s pretty much guessing until you put your own car on the scales as there are so many variables.

There's a government website you can plug a postcode into and it'll tell you the local public weighbridges (these are often recycling places, or agri feed businesses). Unfortunately none are close to me.

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Mine was factory quoted as 1,093 kerb weight. I put it on a  weighBridge and it came out at 1,100kg. As the increments were unfortunately in 20kg the parameters were 1,081 - 1,099.

Nevertheless it has AC, carpets, sound deadening, harness bar, harnesses and was with almost a full tank so would suggest Lotus figures may be conservative rather than optimistic 


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