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Replacement Key ?

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Hi everyone,

Somehow I’ve lost one of my keys. Can someone please advise the best course of action to get a replacement ? I’ve tried one of the local mobile key replacement places and was told they can’t get hold of the blanks.

So I can either contact a dealer (car was supplied new, but not to me, by Lotus Silverstone), or is it just better/easier to go to Lotus direct ?




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How do you then program the key? I don't have the PIN code anywhere in my documents and Poole Lotus were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when I asked about it.

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Ah, you mean a replacement fob? That requires the security system PIN, which Lotus should keep on file based on the VIN. Any dealership should be able to provide that data once they've verified ownership. 

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1 hour ago, EGTE said:

How do you then program the key? I don't have the PIN code anywhere in my documents and Poole Lotus were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when I asked about it.

You get the manual out and read it.

Basically insert key in ignition, click your heels together a number of times, or is it the key press,  and then stand on one leg facing east. Or something like that.

Get the pin code from a dealer who will contact Lotus With your vin number. The dealer should ask you to show the v5 before they do this.

I jad a new key and fob supplied by Amdy at RMS Romford. Nice guy amd people down there, lotus experienced and approved.

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I do have the pin code for mine, having read the manual it seems straightforward to program the key, NOT.

So maybe I should go to a dealer who knows the process regarding sorting this out, unless someone can offer an easy translation of what it says in the manual.

I’ve ordered one of those “key finder” gadgets today - bit late I suppose but hopefully I will be able to locate a key if it happens again, which probably won’t.

Any idea how much this is likely to cost at a dealer ? I’m quite prepared for a bit of wallet lightening, but I’d rather not keel over with shock when at the dealers LOL !!!

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The process isn't really that difficult. It's all about timing though; counting light flashes to indicate which number is being represented and all that. 

When I last programmed a fob, it took me about 25 minutes from beginning to end, and that was including starting over a few times. 

It actually behooves one to be proficient enough at the entry of the security PIN in case your fob dies while you're out and about. It's the only way to disarm the immobilizer so you can start the car. 

I could paraphrase the procedure and try to make it easier to understand. Give me a bit. 

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Ok I just went out and did the procedure. Here's the simplified version:

First things first, the key in the ignition switch has 3.5 positions, and it makes sense to go over which one is which (as referred to below). 

- 1) Ignition OFF (key in the most anti-clockwise position)
- 2) Accessories (key in, and turned one "click" clockwise)
- 3) Ignition ON (key in, and turned two "clicks" clockwise)
- 3.5) Start (key in, and turned two "clicks" clockwise, and then another half turn clockwise to start the vehicle)

With that said, the only positions we're interested in are 1) Off and 3) On.

- With immobilizer enabled (red oval in the middle of speedo will be blinking) and alarm disarmed, insert key and turn On. Then within 10 seconds, turn key Off.
- The immobilizer LED will now be blinking faster, and you'll want to count these blinks. Each blink is equal to one digit, so if you see 5 blinks, you're at number 5. 10 blinks is a zero. See example below.
- As soon as the first number of your PIN is counted in blinks, quickly turn the key to the On position, then back Off. 
- The LED will continue its fast blinking, and you'll count out the blinks to the 2nd number of your PIN. Once at the 2nd number, quickly turn key to On, then back Off. 
- Repeat the above step to completely enter your PIN. If successful, your alarm might chirp, and the immobilizer should be disabled. 
- If programming fobs, continue to enter in 2 additional digits after your PIN using the above process. Those 2 digits should be 1, 1. Upon entering the final "1", leave the ignition in the On position.
- Within 8 seconds, press any button on the new fob to be programmed. The immobilizer LED should pulse and you may get an alarm chirp. 
- If programming more remotes, press any button on them within 10 seconds, and repeat. 
- When finished, either turn ignition to Off, or wait 10 seconds with no additional button presses. 

I drew up a quick ASCII art example of entering the number 5:



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