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350: upgrade to 380 exhaust ?

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On 26/07/2020 at 08:20, Kristof Thys said:

@GoldenGun I have Larini headers, Europipe sportcat and completely modified OEM valved back box (valve open= straight pipes, valve closed = absorMption track). All in 63.5mm piping. I can control my valve independently from rpms so valve closed is "quiet" all over the rpm range. Valve open is... well...inferno 😁👌

Hi Kristof, don't suppose you've any pics of the internal modifications made to the stock rear box?  Did you replace the perforated large internal pipe completely with a solid one and if so how did you route the small internal pipe to ensure it still functioned?  I'm considering doing something similar so welcome any pointers!

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Tips were from a Chinese supplier on Ali Express called MZ speed store. You can choose the external diameter and the entry tube size. They cost about £80-£90 delivered. Turned up in about a week. Dan

doable; you need to step up the piping diameter however.  Either on the S-bend towards to back box or by also installing the 380 down/Y-pipe.

No, the 350 and 380 downpipes are different sizes, you need to buy a custom link pipe so the 380 backbox will marry up to the 350 down pipe. Jim at 2bular will make you one. @Schnitzel had this done o

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15 hours ago, PJ said:

If I were to get a new valved exhaust from Jim for my Exige S, would it be recommended to use the 380 valved road system or rather the 70mm valved road system for Supercharged? 

Looking for great performance and sound 'out of the box' solution.

Not made up your mind yet? I thought the 2Bular would be on the car by now 😄

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Was in doubt, initially opted for non valved but canceled as I do prefer a loud sound when I want but also not so loud when I want..

In conclusion, as I don't really track race, I ordered the valved road system for the Exige 6 with Jim and hope to get it placed soon. Happyhappy

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On 29/07/2020 at 13:07, E1EXG said:

Yes I believe it was the down pipe & silencer.

It had totally transformed the car👍

So do the 380 y-pipe and s-pipe use the same mounting point / exhaust hanger as the V6/350??

I know the 350 and 380 systems have a slight different design (besides the difference in pipe diameter)...




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@SCCZthe Valved system with Ti tips. I liked the previous Ti tips much better with the curved edges as I like the exhaust tips to be visible which these are not (with regular use). Awaiting custom made tips now from elsewhere. Choise of exhaust depends on how much sound you want, I expected it to be louder 4sure. Delivery time was fine. I don't question the craftsmanship of 2Bular. 

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I just installed the 380 full exhaust (manifold, Downpipe, muffler) and can confirm that it is indeed a direct bolt on.  Previously had full catless Larini system.  Putting back all the factory heat shields was a quite a challenge with no instructions!

Impression, it is just as loud if not louder than Larini, which is quite surprising given that I now have the factory cats on the manifolds.  No more stinky smell though! 

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