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This is my first post so apologies if this topic has already been raised elsewhere and I’ve not been able to find it.

I’ve recently bought a Exige S (2015) in white and I’ve been blown away with how much fun it it is to drive! I’m constantly finding excuses to go out for drives and really impressed with how much love it gets in the roads. As with most cars I’ve owned, I’m looking to make so make some minor (tasteful) cosmetic changes to the car. 
Does anyone know if you can retrofit the seat hoops in different colours and if so, where you can purchase them from? I’ve seen them in different colours on later cars (350’s onwards) but not the Exige S.
mine are currently black and I was looking to swap them for white ones. 



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Hi Rob, in short: most efficient to get the seats out and tape off the rings and Plastidip spray them in a color of your choice. 

Show the result when done 👍

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Thanks for the replies. I was hoping there would be a nice easy way to replace them but both options look like seat out jobs. 
I’ll probably go down plastidip route when I next get a free weekend. 

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I kept the seats in which is an option although you'd be better off and just as quick (perhaps quicker) taking the seats out. 

Job well worth doing anyways.. 👍

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A competent wrapping place will be able to wrap them for you - no need to mess around with ordering parts or removing seats.

i had mine wrapped in my previous Lotus.

Helps if you take the roof off for access, however.

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