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DIY Downpipe replacement: anyone tried it?

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I’m going to attempt to change the downpipe myself.  Has anyone else taken on this project ?  One of the connections to the manifold is easy to access, but the pair of bolts on the second connection look very hard to reach.  

Just wondering if anyone else has tried it ?

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Undertray cleanup whilst there.        and protected with some ACF50.  Thanks to  @MrP_ for applying Gtecniq to the underside! @Kristof Thys the lambda sensors, should

It is dead easy. Remove undertrays & diffuser and clear sailing. You might need an S-shape spanner for the inside nut to the S-pipe. 

Posted Images

? You need to remove in any case the engine undertray (so THE undertray)... But if you have access to all the bolts, for sure you have already remove that one.  It's just loosing the nuts and removing the pipework. Like I said, for the bolts on the inside of a bend, I use S-shape spanners. Everything else are basic tools. 


Good luck, it should all be fairly easy. 

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When you say "downpipe", you mean the Y-pipe after the OEM headers, leading into the S-pipe, which in this picture has a cat incorporated?  Now this is already an aftermarket Y-pipe in this pic; yours will have 2 flanges with 2 bolts, one for each manifold.  However, I don't recall it being difficult at all to access as the flangs are +- located where on this picture you see both clamps going to the manifolds?  (in fact they will sit a bit closer to the engine block exhaust side, but should be easily accessible)


With what are you replacing the OEM Y-pipe?  380 Y-pipe?  If so, would strongly advise the replace the gaskets too. (now come to think, I don't recall if gaskets are used... Best check deroure) 

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Ok. Managed to get the old exhaust and downpipe removed.  The new downpipe has a different hanger so I need to remove the old one. 

cant seem to get the old one off ?

its the black hanger which is in the red rubber part shown in the picture below. 




any ideas ?

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Looking very good!  Remind me to restock on ACF50 ;-).

I also notice the gearbox cooler mesh on the undertray is different on your car as on mine, what year is yours?

On the sensors: you absolutely need to reinstall these post cat sensors exactly as they came out.  (notice the twisted wiring, did you disconnect them before removel to be able to twist the cable whilst undoing?).

How's the sound?


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Sorry I forgot to respond!  

the car is a 2018 model. Does that help ?


yes I disconnected one side but tried to follow the twist on the other.  Will take off later today and reconnect to allow the cable to untwist ! Thanks!!

the sound is amazing. So much better than the standard 350 exhaust.  The car feels a little faster also, but that could be my imagination!

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