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V6 350 Rear Speakers?

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Hi all, disclaimer - I am a complete novice when it comes to car audio (or any audio, really) but yesterday replaced the Clarion HU in my 350 with a new Pioneer unit and swapped out the front speakers for Focal 100AC's - time and money well spent! Next things: fit a sub and rear speakers.

However my car didn't come with rear speakers and I unscrewed the round blanking plate behind the driver's seat but there doesn't appear to be any speaker wire in there to fit them.

Does anyone have experience wiring in rear speakers? Where to wire them in to and how to route said wire through the car?

Thanks in advance

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Hi there, was the same for me in that I couldn't see rear speaker wires behind the plastic speaker covers. When I spoke to my local Lotus garage in Bell & Colvill, they advised that the stereo loom used is a "standard" one that includes wires for the rear speakers; and that the wires are probably wrapped/tucked up behind the rear plastic panel (behind the seats). However, getting to them would involve removing the said rear plastic panel, which would mean removing the passenger seat and seat belts first, so not the most straightforward of jobs. So, I decided to wire my own cables from the head unit to the rear speakers. 

Firstly with reference to PhilS post here:
Points 3 and 4 describe how to get the speaker cable from the head unit along beneath the airbag and (under) the sill along its length; protruding at the location where the lever of the boot resides.

From here, you can route/tuck the cables behind the side panel under the seat belt fixing point (no need to remove anything, a gentle push/tug here and there is enough to create a space to thread the cables) and then behind the actual rear panel to the left rear speaker position (i.e. passenger side). 

For the drivers side, I decided to route the cable (which you now have at the left rear speaker position), near the top of the rear panel. I used an age old trick in taping the speaker cables to a straightened out clothes hanger that I used to thread across. I found that removing the courtesy light (simply clips off), gives you mid-point sighting that can help in positioning the hanger to point in the direction of the drivers side speaker location.


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You’re alternative is to just stick with the front speakers and add a small powered subwoofer in the passenger footwell or in the shelf behind the seats. 
Combined with the Focals upfront, people seem very happy with this setup.

Check the other threads on the forum.

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Thanks for the replies guys. 

Rykchiu - awesome write up, thanks so much. I ended up just removing the roof and passenger seat, leaving seatbelts in place and with a bit of manoeuvering squeezed out the plastic rear panel behind them.

As suggested the speaker wires were already there, just cable tied down to everything else so I cut the ties, popped everything back in place and it turned out to be a nice easy job that only took an hour or so (once I had the right tools - needed a wobble extension for my ratchet handle to get at the seat bolts)

Installed Focal 130AC in the rear and they sound awesome, the sound really fills the cabin now and is perfectly fine to drown out most of the noise on a long motorway drive. Tbh with my pioneer head unit the sound is great to me although lacks some bass but has enough for my ears (and music taste - who needs bass when you listen to Metallica).

Didn't exactly buy the car for its sound system anyway so I hardly have the volume up, it gets in the way of the exhaust too much!

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