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I have just fitted a harness bar,  and harness on the drivers side of my 2018 exige 380 sport

Because I'm not wearing the seatbelt I get the warning light on my dash telling me so. 

There is only one cable which goes to the seatbelt buckle. There is no sensor for sitting in the seat. 

When you push the seatbelt clip partly into the buckle you can hear a micro switch click and the warning light goes out. 

I've seen on other posts that if you leave this cable unplugged the ecu doesn't like it? 

Is that really the case?  Or is it just a dumb switch used to turn the warning light off? 

Can I just wire up a jumper cable to keep the circuit closed( assuming the switch is normally open)

Our do i have to get a short section of clip to keep in the buckle when I'm not using it? 


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Yeah i was actually looking at some of those. Handy so i can open my bottle of beer, and then drink it whilst I'm driving without my seatbelt 🤣 🍺

for the cost they are a nice quick fix. just need to find someone selling them that isn't in china with several month delivery time

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On a related note - do most people keep the 3point belts fitted whilst the harnesses are installed?

I have fitted mine like this for the time being as I was unsure of what happens with the seatbelt sensor. In reality now the harness is fitted I'm not going to use the 3point at all, so would like to do away with it.

The plan would be to unbolt the belt from the seat and the shoulder swivel, and let it reel all the way in.Then just leave it hidden under the plastic trim so the sensor / impact tensioner are still plugged in causing no issues

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