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Where forced to use a mask, I've been wearing these two for a while now.  They look suitably ridiculous and not pseudo medical which of course very few are.

Cutting edge. Literally. gets you this   😉

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Redbubble do tons of 'em...but they are low quality and more decor than serious medical product. Expensive for what they are. 

U Mask do the ones for F1 - pukka items but expensive. McLaren have them on their site. I am surprised Lotus don't offer a proper mask with logos. 


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5 hours ago, Chillidoggy said:

Supply not an issue; we could produce loads!  But copyright...

British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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What really matters about masks is not the decoration on the outside but what it may or may not do to protect the wearer - as well as reduce the emissions of the mask wearer that those nearby have to absorb, of course. 

Medics have various types but masks that give some genuine anti-viral protection are now generally available. Graphene is a word to look out for.  Claims re medical matters are strictly regulated, in the U.K. at least, but information is now emerging that graphene atoms actually cut into the virus and damage it.  Research by an Italian university and hospital where the actual Covid virus is put on the graphene treated mask is due to be  released in a scientific peer-reviewed paper shortly. The maker of that mask has already outlined the claim in formal stock market regulated news.

A British firm, the only one world-wide to make graphene - a very tricky business at scale, at which many have failed ( graphene to ISO standard that is) - also makes a graphene treated mask. Specific anti-Covid 19 testing is under way on that I have been told  but already it is stated to be anti-viral. Plain black only. I know because I have three.

I regret that I've given no details here - medical matters are highly regulated, rightly. Do your own research. According to your desire to be protected apart from displaying insignia, of course .

PS: The British mask I have in mind is able to be produced with small logos for large bulk orders. (Of thousands.)

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PPS: Held back from posting on this because such deep waters.  Take care using Google. Key is anti-viral, not anti-bacterial. Then look into whether really tested. When science published I may say more, but not until.

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