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Curious AC and blower fan operation today

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Today I drove for an hour with the AC on cold and the fans on high and the car was very nice inside. Outside temp was 34degsC.

I parked in the sun, got out, locked the car and left it for almost 1 hour.   
Then when I went back to the car and restarted it to drive away the AC was never very cold on the 1 hour trip home and the fans at times were not very powerful. Strange.
The fan did adjust to all 3 speed settings but it was at times quite weak. 
my car is 11 months old with 5k miles. It has until now been almost faultless. 

Sound familiar to anyone?


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Hi @Kristof Thys yes that may be the case.  I also posted on the FB group for "Lotus Owners and Enthusiasts" and had lots of inputs, much of which suggested the same.  i.e. pipes are super cold in use.  car sits for 1 hour in seering sun and lots of condensations gathers on pipes etc.  on restart system calls for 100% cooling and freezes condensation blocking pipes. 

Good advice was to:

1. run with AC off for a while to rest the system and thaw the pipes and then try again.  if AC blows colder and fans blow harder then system was probably frozen.  Fix: move sensor that tells the AC how to perform further away from heat source.

2. If system doesnt improve on a cooler day, then have AC system checked for leaks.

Update: i ran the car in the garage for 20 mins late last night.  AC did blow colder and fans did blow harder.  Big water puddle on floor behind front driver's wheel (RHS UK) after a while running.  water was clear and odourless.

Manual basically says: "You bought a lightweight car, we fitted a tiny AC system which only really works in luke warm weather.  expect nothing more." 🤣

Conclusion: car worked well on way out as it came out of a cool garage and so the AC had a headstart.  On way home AC had no chance.

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