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Leaking cam covers

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I have just about finished assembling my 907 engine and upon inspection of the tapered seat arrangement for the cam covers I can see lots of distortion of the surfaces, both the carriers and the cover. What an appalling setup it is.

The gaskets in the kit have virtually no compression facility and so offer no hope of sealing.

Is there a definitive solution the issue which clearly affects all these early engines.

I suspect that the covers will be full of oil under slight pressure when running which makes the issue even more of a problem. I have restricted the oil flow to the cams but there will still be lots of oil there trying to find a way out.


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If you don't think the standard gasket will do the job you could try fitting the neoprene gasket that I think came out of the Jensen Healey community. I'm sure a search on here would turn up  a thread where someone has tried fitting one.


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The exhaust cam cover is the problem as its lying on its side. The effect of the inclined engine is that there is always oil lying in the cam cover above the gasket line.

On my last engine out works, I drilled out some blanks in the cam housing casting which allows oil to flow back into the head and reduces the amount of oil lying in the exhaust cam housing.

Its not a full solution but it does help.

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