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Last week I had a go at realigning the front bumper on my 2010 Evora as it feels like it's been sitting a bit low. However, the second I took off the wheelarch liners I realised that the brackets the liner screws into are completely shot, front and rear. They're plan steel brackets with wet felt pressed against them so they were always going to die pretty quick by the look of it.

I'm talking about parts 4 and 5 here: - plus the ones to the rear of the wheel that are riveted on.

The odd thing is new ones appear to be around £35 each, but for some reason part 4 specifically is £95 despite being the mirror image of 5.

Is there an updated version of these brackets that is more corrosion resistant? There seem to be a few different versions listed on the link above, so were they changed in later model years and could I just fit one of those instead?


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@Miguel on here does the ones at the rear of the arch (that secure the mudflaps) in high-grade stainless steel .

I don't think he does the bumper brackets yet (I stand to be corrected on this) but I'm sure if enough of us show an interest he might add them to his 'catalogue' if he hasn't already done so. I for one would be up for a set as I'm shortly hoping to replace my front bumper with an aftermarket 'upgrade' and I know from what I saw the last time I had the bumper removed, the OE brackets were looking decidedly second-hand, :rolleyes: .


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Thanks! That looks spot on! I'll get in touch and ask. I bodged up a new mudflap bracket out of aluminium but seeing Miguel's beautiful ones makes me think it's worth replacing it :)

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