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Elise S2 111R servicing costs

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I have recently had my 2004 Elise 111R serviced.  As this is my first annual / 9k service under my ownership, I have nothing to compare it to, but on getting the bill (from an independent), I was surprised at the price for parts for additional items it required: ancillary belt at £56 inc VAT (due to recent marked increase in parts price on this item, and it now costs even more I was told - mine was bought by the garage before the latest price hike, so god knows the current price), spark plugs at £76 inc VAT for four, and an exhaust (pre-CAT) oxygen sensor at £139 inc VAT.

None of these prices seem to match those online if I were to buy them from online retailers.  Does anyone have a comparison of prices they have been charged by independent Lotus specialists?  Does anyone either do basic servicing themselves or buy parts and supply them to the garage?

The service book states 5W-40 oil, but according to the bill they put 10W-40 in. Before I go back to them on this, I want to be sure there isn't new advice to change to this oil due to vehicle age and mileage (63k).  The oil seems relatively cheap at £41 inc VAT, but I suppose they in 250 litre drums.

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I would say most of the parts they have fitted they have obviously marked up as for the oil I use Shell Helix ultra 5W--40 fully sinthetic and cost for 5L usually about £26 from euro car parts so I hope that have used a fully sinthetic but sometimes 10w--40 is only semi synthetic.

So the cost of the oil alone shows you how much they have  marked things up especially if they have put in part synthetic.

Most independents will allow you to supply your own oil and filter if you wish.

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Thanks. Yes, buying and supplying is definitely the way forward in future.  I wasn't aware of the extras that needed doing before it was in however, otherwise I would have considered sourcing them.  The bill states 10W-40 fully synthetic.  Part synthetic wouldn't be right for it, and I'd hope no independent would think to use it in such an engine.

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