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I went with a Pioneer unit recommended by a local car electrical place; needed a small harness making up, but gives me waze/GMaps through the phone, DAB radio and keeps all the normal functions like camera/clock, etc of the old one.

Cost about £350 but is way better than the old one. 

However, electronics move on quickly and it could well be that Alpine make great new units, too. Ask around some local electrical places for what they recommend, I suggest.

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I've spent a good while scouring the forums to see what everyone has used and it does seem predominately Pioneer.  However, I have just bitten the bullet and had a major upgrade to an Alpine ILX 702D which has all the current needs (DAB, CarPlay etc).  Whilst there the door speakers + tweeters were changed to JL Audio C5 650 6.5 which fit perfectly, enabling the same speaker grills to be used.  All in all, a dramatic change in equipment and sound, without a huge change to the look from the OEM.  

I have to add though that it is going back tomorrow to have a new 3 way amp and subwoofer fitted as the speakers can now cope with so much more than the inbuilt amp can deliver, and the existing subwoofer is seemingly doing next to nothing.  There has also been some fairly extensive soundproofing done in the doors and side panel which has and will make more difference.  I longed to do it all myself but, looking at other posts and the wiring diagrams, I really couldn't face it.  It ended up costing way more than I had planned, but I love it (and all holidays were cancelled this year, including a long wished for and planned drive through Europe to Italy - rescheduled for next year - hopefully).

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So I have now had the sub woofer upgrade (JL 8W3V3 - 8 inch) + 3 way amp (JL MX 600/3).  Took them a while as had a few fun and games back there but the sound is now absolutely epic.  And whilst I am fully aware the I should be listening to the sound of the engine & exhaust, I do love my music which I can now feel as well as hear.  If anyone wants a true upgrade that looks pretty much like the OEM but with the sound and tech of today then I can thoroughly recommend Steve at Oxford Car Audio, who are now familiar with the layout and what is needed. 

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I echo the comments of jonney I was fortunate my son did the sub and amp however he had to bend his body around the rear seats for ages and took a lot of head scratching to sort wires especially as factory fitted unit and wires were poorly done 

I did get him to sound proof around sub amp enclosure however he did say he will one make up a proper bracket for the amp.

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