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"Self-Driving" Cars on Motorways

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Autonomous driving?

Most cars these days must surely have cruise control but drivers can't be arsed to use it when on motorways and other "steady driving" roads. It's really annoying to get the car at 70mph, switch on cruise control for a steady cruise, then the car in front starts slowing down then speeding up for no reason at all. :rant:

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Which is why we have adaptive cruise control - my car has it - set the cruise control and it will keep a safe distance from the car in front even if they change speeds. In fact it will bring you to a safe stop if you end up in a queue.

Dave - 2000 Sport 350
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Maybe I will be able to afford one of those in the future when I need to change my car, in the meantime I will continue to get cross at the rubbish drivers. Although, for me it will be a matter of luck as to what is going through the auctions or in my local market area (The Evora was something special and a very different purchase in some ways.).

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My new Mazda 6 is an automatic, has radar cruise control and will (in theory) slow down to a stop and restart all automatically.

I've tried it and it is fine(ish) in a straight line - and yes, my foot was hovering over the brake pedal - it was a bit of a jerky stop. Would it restart - well the gap was huge so I restarted manually as I had no idea when it was going to decide to go, and I had a queue of traffic behind me.

Going round a corner, you have to keep the front of the car pointing directly at the car in front otherwise it thinks there is nothing there and speeds up - which is very disconcerting.

I'm quite happy to use the radar cruise control on motorways/dual carriage ways, but I wouldn't use the auto-stop feature - too iffy for me.

To go to fully autonomous - for me, absolutely no way.


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I'm a driver aids hater.  The Rangie has adaptive cruise and AutoEmergency Brake - fortunately the newest one allows me to switch it off and go back to traditional cruise, but I have to do it for each use, cant set it as default.  I find adaptive dangerous.  Adaptive cruise does what it says on the tin most of the time.  That means you set a target speed, but the driver in front decides what actual speed you go at.  Obvs as it must be in a queue, but on the motorway it subtley starts to slow down when there's a car in front 100m away that you probably wont notice and then the car in front of them is going even slower so you end up instead of at your target speed you're only doing something in the 60s and never get any closer to overtake.  Then the other way around... set the cruise on shortest range to car in front, get used to cruising up behind someone and learn when it will start to slow (about 50m) so you can move into a gap in the overtaking traffic...only to find you suddenly get a flashing screen driver alert, driver intervention alarm as you move out to overtake and the b****y thing puts the brakes on.  The AEB is even more frightening when in a fast moving queue in the overtaking lane passing a lorry on a bend and the thing suddenly sees it as in your lane and jams the brakes on - that's caught me out a few times and always scarey - especially for anyone following I'd imagine.  In contrast the one time I needed it - my fault, distracted while in town traffic at 20 odd mph and didn't see early enough the car in front stop to turn into a driveway.  Hit it at about 1mph but with absolutely no help from the AEB the one time I needed it! 

Also experienced a 3 series BM while the i3 was in for service with "lane assist".  I was literally fighting with the steering to allow me to straddle the white lines to overtake cyclists or shortcut open bends - hated it!  

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Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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1 hour ago, MPx said:

I'm a driver aids hater

Fully agree! Most of the driving aids are just dangerous!

Driving a Tesla 3 as daily now and I have turned off (or not bought) any of the selfdriving fancy. I've heard it gets better with ever sofware update, but hey! "Better" might drive you into a crash... once the system really works 100% correctly, I will buy it then (in 10-20 years, if at all...)

That's what I love about driving the Lotus! You either do it fully concentrade in zen-mode or you don't do it at all.... 😉


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For the few who know the difference
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Unfortunately, and as with all things, the lawyers and insurance companies will get involved. Only a matter of time until someone gets into a crash or rear-ends another car with the active braking disengaged and the insurance company refuses to pay regardless of fault. It's all being recorded in the electronic bits now whether we like it or not.

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