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Light won’t pop up - mx5 conversion I believe

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Hi all - I’ve trawled the searches to try to find any thread that can help but I’m drawing a blank!

My problem is my left light won’t pop up - the lights are on - so I suspect it’s either earth or power to the motor

But how on earth do I get access to it if I can’t get the light pod to pop up!

Everything I’ve read is about either the conversion or starting from a pod that’s either up or already taken apart!

any ideas? 

much appreciated 



Cheers - jim

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Hi Jim 

so your car Is a series 1 and has had a conversion that used MX5 motors?

There are lots of conversions using motors other than MX5 units that have been undertaken over the years and the mountings are likely to be unique to your car

I’d suggest

1st looking underneath if there’s access to a manual winder or a hole in the panel behind the pod.

2nd removing the right hand light to see how it has been installed.



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Thanks Rob, all good advice.

i can see the motor and manual lift winder (such as is on my Esprits - but on the Esprit it’s easily accessible obvs) by looking through from behind the light pod with the bonnet up...

with the motor in the pod tho you can only wind it so far before raising it cuts off the access!

i am wondering if I undo the mounting bolts either side - the rad and wheel arch I might be able to somehow pull the pod out carefully? Problem I envisage with that though is the lift rod mechanism will still be attached and I don’t want to break or bend it!

Cheers - jim

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I don’t see how you will be able to access the two pod mounting bolts.

i think the best way is to lift the right hand pod and look to see how the motors are fixed. You might be able to undo the Left hand motor mounts from under the car and in the wheel arch and lift the pod complete with the motor.

Accessing the pod / motor from the radiator won’t provide access unless the plywood crash panel is missing or your prepared to cut a hole / replace.

do you have any pictures?


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