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just bought a 501 Elite


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Nice one. And a good plate for a 501. How's the inside looking? More pictures please.

Still looks to have the original door mirrors, so maybe it's not been messed with too much.

Any idea why the windscreen wipers parked on the drivers side? - Or is it just broken - Or put on wrong and about to wipe the bonnet on first sweep!!!!

Unique colour and DVLA web site says it should be Green, so a good sign it could be original.

Looking forward to following progress. Might have to call over sometime and take a closer look before you get too into it. I'm only in Northampton.

Whats the plan then?


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plan is to get it over to GST and see what mechanical / chassis side is like.  If chassis good, get it running.

Original marcasite interior is shot, but car comes with a beige leather interior in addition, and Stevie Wonder has re-trimmed the dash in beige leather, and taken clocks out

Hopefully it can be got in a useable condition, and then I will live with it for a bit before a respray, new vinyl roof and lose the sunroof.  I think a red interior might suit it.  Given it is not going to get a new marcasite interior, it is never going to be fully original, so keep it 70's

Rotten chassis might change the plan

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I've got a good few spare trim pieces of what I think is a dark brown Marcasite. Not looked at condition recently, but have been in dry storage for last 30 years so maybe not too bad. I could check exactly what I have if you were interested in thinking about originality. 


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cheers, am in two minds at the moment, I think a full marcasite interior will be very hard to cobble together, and will look tired, however I do it.

It came with a beige leather interior as well (car is full of it) I need to tidy storage for that first, and then I can see what interior is like.  

I think black leather on the dash will be harmless and authentic enough.  I am taking out the sunroof, so headlining will change anyway.

I think a check on the cars history and a verdict on the chassis will be my first stops.  if it is a full chassis off rebuild, that will be a different time frame to carbs and ancillaries / suspension and MOT type rolling restoration.

Previously had the S2.2 Esprit in my profile picture that had an original marcasite and leather interior, so have lived with the stuff, but that had faded heavily in the sun, so expect a cobbled together interior to give many shades of the same colour  

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