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The dreaded wheel spacers


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I've been looking at the Esprit for a few years now and the one point that kept nagging at me was the way the rear wheels are inset so far into the wheel arch. My car runs about a degree and a half of negative camber (the way I like it) which exaggerates the issue. I have resisted spacers until now, but a few weeks ago the itch just had to be scratched.

You don't seem to be able to get spacers to fit the Esprit from any of the usual suspects, but I found a company called SuperForma in Devon who offered custom spacers at a very reasonable price. I wanted hub centric bolt through spacers and they recommended a max of 22mm. I wanted about an inch anyway so that sounded fine. I gave them my PCD and hub dimensions and they delivered me a set of custom spacers 2 weeks later for about £60. 

Their communications were excellent and the finished product looks to be of great quality. What's more they fitted first time. I went for a good blast today and have no wheel wobble. It handles as it did before - I might suggest that rear end grip is further improved as I didn't get quite as sideways as I usually do on my favourite roundabout - but that is definitely unproven.

What's more they have filled the arches up nicely now and my OCD issue has been resolved.

I know spacers are not everyones cup of tea and it's not original, but I like them.



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