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'85 TE black/gold steering wheel centre/horn wiring - Interior/Exterior/Lights/Glass/Alarms/ICE/HVAC - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

'85 TE black/gold steering wheel centre/horn wiring

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The horn switch is on the stalk. As far as I know, the button is just there because Momo sells them that way. (or a PO replaced with a standard one)

You'd have to add a coiled flex wire through or around the hub somehow to connect to the wheel center button.

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How handy (determined) are you? One could strip the guts from a key fob remote like this and wedge it inside or behind the horn button or foam cover, then just splice the receiver output into the existing horn wiring. You'd have to change the battery occasionally though.

But it would be only you and Bond with the button, mate... (Don't tell Lotusfab)

Q, of course would select the 4 channel version and add some more essential features whilst he was in there, perhaps convert the horn button into a four way rocker switch. Rockets, smoke, oil, ejector, audio controls where does it end!

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I opened up a couple generic keychain remote switch fobs and the circuit boards were about  45x25x8mm. One could remove the coin battery holder and get down to ~4-5mm thick, but would have to allow some for a heat shrink sock to protect it. Definitely could fit in a hollow in the back of the foam pad, but would be tight in the hub or under the button. 

If one was to attempt this be sure to look for the smallest fob, and select a module that allows a "momentary" on/off function.

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