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Recommended Car Ramps?

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Evening gents,

did some searching but couldn't see the info I was looking for.
For those who work on their cars themselves, are there any recommended ramps you can use to get the car slightly elevated to making working under the car a little easier?

Thanks in advance.

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48 minutes ago, Barrykearley said:

Yeah - try liftech they are great B7CFE160-5820-44A9-9141-6765FDD75593.thumb.jpeg.386f2d382c586fb5809e3ef83e1acfe3.jpeg


Sadly don't have room for something like this, but it would be the dream :)

46 minutes ago, Reindeer said:

Race Ramps.......Strange foam things. 

Very good and quick and easy. But not cheap!

Cheers, I had heard of race ramps in the past but forgot the name. Will take a look.

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I’m interested in some long ramps suitable for my Esprit, I bought extensions for my standard ramps but they aren’t very good and narrow.

Barrys two post ramp is excellent but to get good use from it you need a tall roof unfortunately, I would love to have one though.

I saw some good car lifts at the NEC classic car show last year but can’t remember the details, I may go again this year now it’s confirmed as being on.

Dave :) 

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I just made some up from plywood left over from a house project. Bolted together a tapered stack, with a piece of angle iron at the end to prevent the tire from going over the flat spot at the top. But they're only high enough to get my car up high enough to get the floor jack under and then lift it onto proper jack stands. 

I have some stamped steel ramps in the shed, but being high enough to be useful means some bit of the car always hits the ramp before the tire climbs up and I never use them.

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I just angle ground up a couple of lengths of 4x2 steal channel with a couple of cut outs and an angled bottom. Painted with white hammeite paint the top coat mixed with sand to give a rough non slip surface 

The Porsche was only round for a service 

Fits both the Halfords and machine mart ramps they are a bit heavy but have had loads of cars up on them no problems 

Cost about £12 

And the Corsa another friends boys car 



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