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Dash cam

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Is anyone here well up on where technology is taking the dash cam? 

I have been using two Street Guardian dash cams, front and rear, that did the job well, recording onto micr SD cards which were a bit fiddly to take out, but quality of recording was good.

I am wondering now if there are dash cams that are using wifi and recording directly, or indirectly, to my iphone maybe.

Any comments on where I should be looking will be appreciated!

thanks, Hal

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The nextbase dash cams with WiFi just allow you to toggle the camera to a WiFi mode to let you connect and download recordings, there's not permanent WiFi for streaming / cloud transfer that I'm aware of.

Off topic, even if there were, I wouldn't want it using my data - my cars WiFi is very expensive (its through Vodafone) so I don't subscribe but I do buy the occasional bundle so the children have some connectivity for longer drives.

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I didn't look into it too deeply as I wanted to avoid phone data limits and also phone battery life issues.

I have two fixed USB power leads, one for each car. I move the dashcam between cars depending which I am using. If I want to retrieve footage, I take the dashcam to the PC and connect it via USB lead. No need to take out the micro SD card.

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Yes, I take the point about wifi and data usage that I did not appreciate. One that sored the data and allowed access might be better. I will go into Nextbase and see what is there.

Maybe trawl around the web for recommendations as well.


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I have Blackvue dashcams in my Esprit and my daily drive, both have Wifi and using the Blackvue app I can log in to the cameras to view live footage or any of the recorded clips. The one problem I have with them is that as my phone recognizes them as a preferred WiFi connection, if I try and make a phone call it tries to make a Wifi call via the camera which isn't connected to anything else! Same sort of thing happens if I want to use Waze or Google Maps, I have to remember to drop the WiFi Connection to the camera in order to do anything.

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The fiddlyness of taking the SD card out of my Nextbase (non-wifi version) is a pain and has stopped me from retrieving interesting footage in the past - things falling from trailers, oncoming dodgy overtakes, random stuff). The maximum storage of 32Gb only stores enough for about 2 hours depending on the video setting, so it's easy to forget and things get overridden before you remember! 

I'm waiting for a version of dashcam that automatically syncs to the cloud or home NAS using my home wifi when I get home obviously.

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