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Espritmon - USB Mouse + USB ALDL COM port issues


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Win 10 laptop with just a single USB ALDL connected to the port defined in the .cfg file works fine with Espritmon. As soon as a USB mouse is connected to another USB port Espritmon COM connection is unsuccessful. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else suffers the same issue. Remove the mouse so that only the single USB ALDL port connection is active and things work fine.

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Hi Robin,

I'm not an expert with computers and have had a few issues with Espritmon's little quirks in the past myself.

My basic computer logic would suggest that when you plug your usb mouse in to the laptop, it is being assigned the comms port that your ALDL was using and so Espritmon looses its defined port.

With the mouse plugged in, can you go into device manager and have a look where your ALDL lead is now assigned.

Then go into Espritmon config and edit the port number to the correct one.


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