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1st Evora Test Drive


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Hello all.  I just took a 2014 S 2+2 with less than 10K miles for a test drive.

Love this car!

However there are 2 things that stood out to me.  First, if you cut the wheel left or right as far as it will go when turning at low speeds, the car feels similar to how a 4 wheel drive vehicle feels when turning...almost a rough binding type feeling.  Dealer said it’s due to the wide tires.  It does not due this during routine turns.  Normal?


Second, the power steering surprised me a bit at low seemed a bit more resistive than your typical Honda/Nissan/Chevy/Ford.  What I mean by that is I can turn the steering wheel in my wife’s Altima with my smallest finger.  I don’t know if I could do that in the Evora.  Is this typical?


Thanks for any info as I’m looking to make a decision on this car in the next 24 hours.




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Is it not the anti-ackerman or someit steering effect. TADTS!

As for the steering resistance. Yes, it is normal as you want a lower "assistance" so you can "feel" what the front wheels are doing. It's why those who like the super assistive steering of an Altima end up with a Porsche and it's electric steering. :)


I came into this world screaming and covered in someone elses blood. I'll probably leave it in the same way. 

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Thanks to both of you! 

However this particular vehicle I test drove today will likely not be mine as I think the seller is understating the degree of flood damage it experienced in 2016.


The search continues...

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@RDwyer the width of the front tires has "not much" to do with it. Our "family car" Golf VII R has the exact same tire size on the front as my Evora (235/19) and the steering resistance is much lower (although it has the more direct steering system than a normal Golf has). Its a matter of how much servo assistance the steering system itself has. As said before the steering of the Evora is a absolute delight for a sports car. Happy searching!!!!

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Octane magazine described the Evora's steering as "possibly the finest power-assisted steering rack of any car ever." and it's part of why we love the car.

The anti-ackerman steering effects disappear if you use Michelin tyres (PS4/4S).

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It has for me, although I haven't had the tyres on long enough to test them in deep Winter.

Couldn't get those Pirellis off fast enough, to be honest; they still had plenty of tread, but weren't great in the wet/cold/reversing.

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It certainly still does it with MPSS fitted. In summer when the tyre has gods purchase on the road surface and the sidewalks can flex - little noise. In winter when the rubber hardens with the cold, the tyre is less able to key into the road surface and they sidewalk less able to flex.... it skips.

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