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Rochester Fuel Injectors o-ring seals and filters?

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Hello Everyone,

I now have an ultrasonic cleaner and will probably clean my injectors, but then I will have to change the o-ring seals and filters.

I know the o-ring seals are available from SJS (for instance) but where can I find the filters? Any known reference or size?

Basically I would need that sort of rebuild kit, but for our 4+2 injectors set or (maybe these sets are actually suitable?)

Thanks in advance!

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Thread hijack, apologies in advance....

How bizarre. I was literally just going to type an identical post. Postie dropped my new 15ltr bath off this morning.


Mine however has the RC injectors installed.


Does anyone know the correct o ring size for these please as i have a receipt from the p.o which states the Lotus service centre that fitted them upon request of him advised they were not happy that the o rings were the 'perfect' fit.


C'mon Sailorbob this has got your amazing knowledge for detail written all over it!

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3 hours ago, Clarky5150 said:

Thread hijack, apologies in advance....

lol no worries, I quite never understood the issue about upping an old thread when it's a related question anyway! :thumbup:

As for the RC injectors I suspect the external diameter would be the same as for the stock injectors since they go in the same hole anyway, and as for the internal one the same diameter as the original RC (?) o-ring?



By the way, I am still unsure about the basket filters! (@Marten did not provide any reference or URL so a bit hard to know what to order ...)

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Had a quick skim through eBay and with import duty and shipping we are looking at around £40 for 8 o-rings!!!! 

I think the baskets can probably be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath so if anyone can give the correct measurements of the o rings ill get a batch made up from a local supplier.

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I think it's hard to take the baskets out without destroying them ... The usual technique would be to take a random screw and pull them out, so unless there is a clean way of doing it, I don't think they can be reused?

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