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Is cold stutter hesitation normal on Elise 220 Sport normal?

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I recently bought a Lotus Elise sport 220. I noticed pretty much straight away that the car stutters and hesitates when cold. I still detect something when its warm but its hardly noticeable. Sometimes its pretty bad and pulling out of junction swiftly has left me kangarooing across the junction leaving me in a dangerous situation a couple of time. Its still under Lotus warranty for a few more weeks. The dealer tell me that they run rich at cold and this is normal. I cannot believe Lotus would sell cars with this dangerous feature. Having never driven another Elise I can only accept what he's saying. I'm not sure if I am being fobbed off. The dealer is a 150 mile round trip so don't want to be going back and forth. Is this really normal. If it is then I don't think I will be a Lotus driver for that long. I will get rid before it kills me.

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I purchased a new 220 last October and do not have any cold start or warm running hesitation or stutter. Sounds like an issue there which needs diagnosed . Perhaps an issue with the MAF sensor?

I am at a loss as to why the dealer said this was normal  feature? 

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Thanks for the response Toeside. Much appreciated. I didn't believe this was normal. I think its a case of the computer has no fault so its declared fine. I need to find another dealer to look at while its still under warranty. Welcome more comment from owners to strengthen my case.

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Whose you're dealer?  I see you're in Paignton Is it Hendy Lotus in Poole?  If so, there's a really good specialist a little bit closer - Purbeck Sports cars, maybe worth giving Jon a call there and see what he thinks.  He's Lotus trained too, hes looked after my Evora and my Elise (in fact, I bought the Elise from him!)

As to the problem, it doesn't sound right to me at all; it really bugs me when dealers give you 'its normal', especially if they haven't experienced the issue first hand, I've had that line from Mercedes, VW and Mazda in the past!

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March 2020 ex demo Elise 220 sport, only had it a few weeks but no problems at all from cold and would agree with everyone else that does not sound normal!!

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