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Is the Esprit Sport 350 brake master cylinder bigger than earlier v8s?

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I think the standard brake master cylinder is 23.8mm diameter - does anyone know if the S350 and later '98-on Esprits have a bigger bore?

The reason for the question is that my v8 has Alcon 6 pot front calipers and AP 4 pot rears, and while the stopping power and stamina are absolutely awesome the pedal travel is pretty long and very light. Ideally I'd like to fit a larger bore master cylinder to reduce the pedal travel and add more weight to the action.

An alternative may be to change to pedal ratio, but I'd prefer a bolt on solution if possible......

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Some thoughts:-

I don’t know if the V8 master cylinders were different, but if they have different part numbers that could give an initial indication.

If the pedal is too “long”, then an increase in brake master cylinder size would help. But first what kind of travel are you measuring?

Reference altering the pedal ratio. You need as direct a push as possible into the master cylinder, and you may have to adjust the servo bracket angle and possibly height to compensate.

If the pedal is too “light”, then you may have too much servo assistance. Unless there’s a way of reducing or controlling it, you could move to an electric vacuum pump in that case, which would allow you to adjust the vacuum level, similar to my brake kits.

Finally with any changes, the effects (should there be any) on the KH ABS should be considered.

Margate Exotics.

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Thanks Ian...

Im pretty sure the issue is a result of the much larger piston volume in the calipers than standard - therefore a long pedal is purely a result of having to pump a greater volume of fluid. 

The brakes have been on the car for a long time (fitted by a previous owner) and work awesomely but it feels a little over-braked at low speed and hard to modulate, so I'd prefer a slightly heavier and shorter pedal. An electric servo may cure the pedal effort problem, but not the travel.

At the moment the ABS works fine and I'd like to keep it that way!

I'll dig out the parts book and check the part numbers between stock and S350 as you suggest....

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