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What about a technical wiki?


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Hi Everyone,

Obviously the forum is a very nice place to ask question and to deal with a particular issue on a car but when it's sorted the info might be buried quite far in the topics list over time, and often the useful infos are scattered across several topics, so it's not always that convenient to gather all the knowledge from the community.

So, what about adding a wiki for each car here on TLF? We have one for the Elan M100 on and I think it is a very good idea (

For the admins/Bibs it would be quite easy to install I suppose and as for the content, everyone would add the interesting info while reading it so it wouldn't be so tedious to write anyway, basically just a copy/paste of the meaningful posts.

What do you think about that?

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Hi, as for the off topic, don't worry about it I don't think you will annoy much people lol
(it really is a pity as a wiki would be great tool in my opinion but I can't really do it alone ^^' — although I would contribute happily obviously!)

As for my inbox I think it was probably full indeed. I am always reluctant to delete anything so I think it was a good occasion to get the ROW FFM status! It's only fair to Bibs anyway :)
Hopefully it will be enough to let you send me a PM now?

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