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How tall are you?


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I am 5’8” and prob slightly longer legs to torso but still have to adjust seat right up , so gain advantage that rear seat passengers get more spacious ride ! Lol 

just taken delivery of a brand new hybrid Toyota Corolla estate which is has very comfortable seats compared to my old Ford Focus however the Evora is still much more comfortable and supportive  

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I’m 5ft 11in and have loads of leg and headroom. When we bought our first Evora in 2013, my eldest son had just turned 8 years old and fitted in the back just fine. He’s now 15 and 6ft 1in, but we still squeeze him into the back seat on occasion. He does complain though and mum gets wedged into the passenger seat in front, so it’s losing its popularity!

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5'10" and must say that once in, the Evora is streets ahead in comfort than my Audi RS3!

I have though had two discs removed from my back and maybe will have the third removed, so getting in is not completely a fluid operation, but not difficult. I do wish that the door design might have taken a leaf from the original GT40 though....

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In my experience you need to try one on.

I’m not particularly tall (6’) but am long in the torso compared to leg.

I just fit comfortably normally but with a helmet on I don’t really.
Need to push my hips forward with a lumbar cushion and move the seat back a bit.

Everyone’s a slightly different shape.

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On 21/09/2020 at 17:17, RHDV8 said:

At 5' 6" 1/2 would I need blocks on the pedals? 🙄 

My wife is 5' 6" 1/2 (she also always adds the 1/2 on 😉 ) and she can drive the S1 no probs.

Seems to be quite a few tall Evora drivers here. I'm 6' 5", and although I have the seat fully back I fit just fine. Then again, I daily drove an Elise for 10 years so the Evora is like a F150 to me.

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I'm 5-9 but have a long torso and short legs (28 inch inseam, but torso length like someone over six feet). I get in and out with the seat fully back, then slide it forward. I started with the seat literally ALL the way forward while driving, but after getting narrower shoes and gaining some experience I now have the seat back three notches. That's as far as I can go and still fully depress the clutch. In that position the car might have been designed for me personally... all controls are within reach and comfortable, except for the window switches in the driver door which are far enough rearward relative to my sitting position that it's a bit awkward to reach them. Not a big deal, I don't mess with the windows much while driving anyway. Steering wheel is all the way forward and tilted all the way up.

it's very slightly annoying that I have to slide the seat back and forth to get in and out, but totally worth it. I'm an old whitewater kayaker so tight quarters are very natural to me and I like the feeling of being completely integrated with the vehicle.

The Evora GT is the most enjoyable vehicle I've ever owned or driven. You do need to "try one on" to make sure it works for your body type, but if it does... just buy it. You'll never regret it.

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