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Car cover question


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I am sure it has been asked before.  I have an Evora and a 1986 Esprit.  

Esprit is in storage and Evora in my single garage.   I was pondering bringing the Esprit home and keeping Evora on my driveway.

I would be looking to put a cover on it.   But.. the question is, Is this good for the paintwork.  Being GRP body would I be increasing chance of micro blisters etc..

Car is in immaculate condition and I don't want this to change.  But trying to save on storage costs and get access to Esprit more often.

Other option is to sell Evora,  which is not my preference.


Looking for advice from owners who have used car covers on these cars


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I used an outdoor cover, purchased from this forums online shop.  It was a great car cover, though it did start to give me lots of unwinding cotton threads.

I kept my car under a carport and then with the cover, no issues with microblisters at all but then the car port kept rain off it so I never had an issue with standard water sitting on the cover itself, only a few drops of condensation dropping down.


Another option might be a portable garage on your driveway, something like one of these:

Very good value for money IMO


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Although not an Evora, I kept a car covered outdoors for roughly two years without issue.

The main thing is to get the best cover you can designed for outdoors. Over here, we have a company called California Car Cover that makes covers in various types of materials for what you would use it for. Their materials for outdoors are basically water proof but still breathable. So, rain does not penetrate but any humidity/moisture that may get under the cover can still evaporate. I related it to a raincoat for us humans.

The car I had covered stayed perfect and as clean the day I would uncover it as the day I covered it. The key I found to keeping the car perfect was to make sure it was spotless before I covered it and also secured all the way around to prevent the wind from lifting. I did this with "tarp clips" in the front, rear and two on each side.  I then used thin rope "tie downs" to pull it tight. Even in the highest winds, it never moved.

California Car Cover will even make a custom cover or a cover any way you want (I've ordered 11 complete custom covers from them over the years). So, I ordered mined with a longer "skirt" so even when I pulled it tight, even the wheels were completely covered.

I know shipping to you would be rough, but perhaps you can find  similar materials over by you and a company that will make it how you want.

More info




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We sell the Specialised Car Covers ones in our online shop at a discount over buying direct. There are many topics on here about them, here's the Evora one...

The outdoor one is their Stormshield + and more details about it are here...

I've used them on all my cars for 10 year and in fact have both and indoor and outdoor one for the Evora. - I think we've sold around 500 of their covers now to our members. 

The one thing I advise with an outdoor cover is to make sure it gets some sunshine in the morning. The car will inevitably be damp as the cover has a huge hole in the bottom that the car goes in and moisture will get in and onto cold metal, as it does. Even the weakest winter sunshine will see the cover steam away getting ride of all of this moisture. If you leave it in a cold, dark spot then there is a chance of a permanently wet cover sitting against the paint causing issues. 

88 Esprit NA, 89 Esprit Turbo SE, Evora, Evora S, Evora IPS, Evora S IPS, Evora S IPS SR, Evora 400, Elise S1, Elise S1 111s, Evora GT410 Sport

Evora NA

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