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Power rack track rods: where to find?

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Have had a garage refurb the power rack on my Eclat over the past couple of weeks as part of my front end overhaul. The main part of the rack is all sorted but one of the track rods themselves needs replacing, and the garage can't seem to find the right match for them. I'm sure they're not going to be Lotus specific and the rack is a Ford one (Granada possibly), but does anyone know what track rods would work?

Just to be clear, it's not the track rod ends I'm looking for; it's the rods/drumsticks themselves.

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Good call by David.

Those rods may be generic, or quite likely a modified arm, for example take a rack from another car (I think you're probably right about Granada) where it gives a suitable deflection left to right and suitable number of turns, and have arms made or adapted to be shorted to fit the track of the Lotus. That's what happens on another, and you'd think it's just a case of cut one down and re-thread, except the threaded section is thicker than the rest of the arm so you'd have to add medal in order to re-thread them.

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