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Protech shocks - ride height..... simple question ......

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just fitted protech shocks and lotac poly bushes after a full suspension overhaul - now my front sits far too high and looks pretty stupid.  

I loaded the car with 140kg and half a tank to torque all the bolts/ 

Now the stupid question - the bottom coil rest can be adjusted ( wound up or unwound down ) does this just change the pre-load or does it indeed adjust height?  And if it adjusts height do I wind them up or unwind them down to lower the ride height ...... and if that does not adjust height is there anyway to do it? I apologise for my ignorance but I have going suspension is often counter intuitive!!

Thanks for all help on this ! 



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I have the same fitted to my car.

When I first bought it the car was sitting much too low, get a big G spanner adjusted or make one and wind it down to decrease the height and ground clearance.

It's a bit of trial and error and getting the side even, but for me the adjustment was fully down and winding it up about 1/3rd up was enough to raise the car 3-4 cms.

If you car is riding too high, then presumably the adjuster is moe towards the top, so winding down will be easier than up (less resistance) and you should not need to compress the spring either - while jacked up and thr wheel off you should be able to adjust a little at a time until you get the recommended height from the front cross frame (17 cms?)

sorry about typos - tired eyes.

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On 28/09/2020 at 17:38, Chillidoggy said:

The height should be measured from below the chassis crossmembers, front and rear. Check the service notes, but I think they're both supposed to be 170mm.

From  cross members to ground? This measurement must take into account a lot of variables? One would have to presume, factory wheel width, factory tyre size, factory recomended tyre inflation?

With other cars I own, it's generally from the base of the mounted rim to a known point on the arch. But in saying that, my Pantera is trailing arm connection points to ground.

Can anybody please confirm the height from the notes. I'm trying to do mine tomorrow.

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Measured from the rear chassis hoop and the front crossmember to the ground, 170mm is the factory stated dimension. Wheel arch measurements are not part of the Lotus set-up, it's the suspension/chassis that matters.

If you haven't got one, then a copy of the Lotus Service Notes for your car is highly recommended, and contains all the necessary information.

Margate Exotics.

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Thanks Ian.

I have a few service notes mostly electrical from when the dog at e the loom and I needed to rebuild it electrically. But I've looked around and after three years I still cant find the info on where to buy or download the full service notes for the car. I have the parts diagrams from TLF and they are really helpful, but torque settings etc I'm just guessing and reliant upon you guys in the UK.

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You’ll have to pay the postage for the U.K., but that’s what you want. Indispensable if your carrying out the kind of work you’re doing.

Margate Exotics.

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