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What do we have here S1/Turbo hybrid


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Now that is an interesting car, is that a black/tartan interior? 
S3 ears and S2 front spoiler?

Does it have a full sunroof?

What chassis is it running?

I take its running a turbo tailgate?

I like it and something I looked into doing 20 years ago but was told the turbo lump wouldn’t fit the S1 chassis.

Any more pics Steve?
Dave :) 

Do or do not, there is no try! 


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Hi Dave.

Yes it's a tartan car, very original inside.

Current long term owner did the exterior work. Lotus sunroof, Louvres,wing mirrors, S2 chin spoiler and S3 ears.   Chassis is original S1 with driveshafts providing suspension links.

My understanding is that the owner purchased the turbo engine and did the conversion.   It seems a pretty unique lump, which I was wondering if it pre-dates the original production dry sumps.  Apparently Lotus previously confirmed the provenence of the motor as a 'development' unit.

If I see it again, I'll look at the engine mounting arrangement and clearance to manifold

These are the only snaps I took.   



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Me neither, that, amongst other things, seems to give credence to it being a very early turbo installation, rather that a 907 with a turbo bolted on (which would presumably have detonated many years ago).   Although its in unrestored condition, the engine was running very nicely.

Also just noticed that there is no 'turbo' script cast into the plenum pipe, which I think that was in place by the time the dry sumps were produced.   Maybe one for the historians... 

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I'm busy working at adapting a dry sump 910 into my S2, would certainly fancy a look at how the lump fits into the S1 chassis. Frightfully tight clearance between oil pump pulley and chassis diagonal tube on mine leads me to speculate that Lotus may have shifted the powertrain aft a tad with the Turbo/S3 revision, versus the early cars.


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