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Clean Power - Lotus 2.2 Lt Chargecooled Engine

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Hi, Here is an interesting publication about our engine (the 4 cylinder one). available here for $33: and available her

Thanks for that! Looking at the same issues 30 years on converting my carbs to EFI

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You're welcome!

Do you intend to convert it to EFI just for fun or are there any other reasons? If I had a Dellorto Esprit I would keep it original (except for learning how to do it and for fun, as I said)

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Well primarily;

Safety- Pressurized carbs over the distributer leading to engine fires

Efficiency- Car was rated something like 15 or 18 mpg (US) with carbs

Hoping for better starting and drivability like a modern car. Closed loop idle, boost and EGO control

Secondarily, My personal flaw is I can't leave anything as built, and enjoy fabrication.

So the sticky wastegate and all the associated cast iron goes away, and a modern turbo fitted. Mechanical distributer replaced with direct ignition. If you're building a intake manifold to replace the carbs, why not integrate a charge cooler into it?  It doesn't end...


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Hey Thomas, I agree with each of the points you raise, also have the bug for tinkering with alternative solutions. My S2 resto is shaping up with a number of novel ideas in play and will likely have an EFI/carb hybrid to entertain. I have a Haltech ECU to work with, figuring 45DCOE's as ITB throttles with main system fuel delivery supplementing EFI injection. Why the complication? The local licencing authority offers collector car insurance at very favorable rates but with some caveats regarding modification latitude, including no converting carb to EFI. As I see it this does not preclude supplementing the carbs with EFI for the benefits you listed above, resulting in a cleaner running car. Presently sourcing bits for alternative drive of the factory drysump pump to address clearance issues in the S2 chassis.


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I'm running a Megasquirt MS3/MS3X, sequential injection, coil per cylinder ignition, on a single throttle body plenum.

It should be interesting to tune a hybrid system, but if you're running closed loop O2 and tune the main circuit on the lean side, the EFI should be able to adjust the rest. I guess you'd need two fuel pressure regulators to feed the fuel rail and carbs?

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