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Komo-tec vs Jubu (430 upgrade)


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I'm looking to power upgrade my Exige S. Although contact with Komo-tec is very appropriate I became aware of Jubu recently. I've seen info on Komo-tec 430 upgrade which looks reliable but haven't seen it on Jubu other than the crazy build they recently did of which I'm sure all have seen by now. 

Both seem to offer an equal power upgrade looking at the 430 range in example. Any suggestions on pros and cons?? 

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If you consider a power upgrade go for the EX460 with the watercooled chargecooler - otherwise I recommend the close gear ratio over an upgrade prone to heat soak like the phase EX430 or smaller

Apart from that: I would always choose KomoTec, they are the benchmark and their solutions are proven reliable


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As I am not doing really any track driving, just like the raw power at times, would the Komo-tec 430 do or is it stupid to do 430 vs 460 in my case would anyone say? 

Also, no experiences here with Jubu so it seems? 

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So now I'm between Komo-tec 430 upgrade or SSC similar upgrade although the power increase there seems to be less. Also changing out the manifolds, mid pipe and sport cat with ECU flash. I've heard of insane great products from SSC. 

Any recommendations between these 2 upgrades as I haven't seen much on power upgrades here from SSC? 

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There a lot of similar discussion in this topic..


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If you are never going to want more than 460hp (and in reality that is plenty for anyone!) then definitely go KT460. It’s an excellent product, loads of power and reliable.

Only go for a TVS1900 if you want 500+hp. The chargecooled version (which is what i have) is a seriously nice piece of kit and will give you more power than you could ever want, but it will require a load more work to get working properly. The ultimate rewards are greater but the cost and hassle to get there are also greater.

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 Chosing between a non-charge cooled TVS1320 or a non-charge cooled TVS1900 is easy if money is no objection.  That TVS1900 will spin a lot slower but still shifts a bigger volume of air, hence keeping it a lot cooler.  What do you mean "SSC without TVS1900"; just a remap and a bigger crank pulley (just like the komotec offering)?  In such case, I would go for neither.

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