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Headlights - refurb or replace

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Well, I have only had the car for a week, but could not help to try and make some easy improvements on my S4s.

My car had officially turned 25 yesterday, and was thinking about either upgrading the full light assembly using the PNM LED or just changing the bulbs to LED ones as suggested by Ian.

Upon close inspection, I could see that many components are badly corroded, not a surprise really considering she is 25 years old.

I just want to know if you have replaced your headlights or refurbished them ? 

Has anyone refurbished the chrome paint inside the headlights?  The reflector paint in all 4 are pealing and need to be repainted.

Each of the small plastic clips used on the headlight is £6.30 from SJS sports cars, and I will need 12 of these, then add the 6 screws for adjustment and the fixing plates to replace the corroded ones - it is probably cheaper to just replace the LED headlights from PNM?

I personally would like to keep the original components but not sure if it is economically viable to refurbish them.  Just want to know if anyone has done it.





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When I fitted the LED headlamp bulbs on mine I had two of the Cibie lamp units re-silvered by these guys.

Not a  cheap options  but worth it IMO to pass the MOT and to retain the original look. The company did a fine job, and all done and returned in a couple of (pre-lockdown) weeks.

The problem for refurbishing these Cibie lamp units and maybe units like yours is that they have to split the glass lens from the reflector before they can do the re-silvering and that comes with a breakage  risk and an extra labour charge on top of the re-silvering. They don't often have lens that break while they split them from the reflector but they did warn of the risk before hand.

I'd love to know what other car used those headlamp clips, they seem so expensive, maybe someone else sells them at a better price when it's for a different car. I ended up only replacing a couple of clips that had definitely failed and cleaned the adjusting screws rather than replace them. 


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Thanks Colin, I will give them a call tomorrow to find out how much it would cost for 4.

It does concern me if there is a risk of breakage though, and I assume that the customer has to agree not to hold them responsible?  So I may end up paying for the service and get only 3  or fewer lights back, not sure if I will be willing to risk it.

well, I think SJS has the replacement headlamp, but at over £100 each, so I guess rechrome will still be a cheaper option.  Looking at all the parts needed, I think it would cost close to £800 to replace both headlights with new parts... so not to bad I guess as I think any german marque would depend about the same for replacement  headlights...

having said that, I still can’t comprehend the cost of one small piece of plastic at £6.30 - and we need 12 to fit the lights.  Someone could probably just print these with a 3D printer?

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This is a timely thread as I’m thinking about this too and won’t be paying for plastic clips.  I like the PNM kit but not the white light/modern look of the LEDs, may give them a call and see if they will sell me the plates on their own. My lights are a bit scabby but serviceable, and I want to put warm white LED bulbs in them.

Thanks for the link to the chromers, looks like they can also do the front indicator/sidelight units easily.

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