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Braided Fuel Return Line - What you need


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I just finished getting this worked out, and I thought I would post this here in case someone needs it in the future.

On the pressure regulator side you need one of these

It is a GM EFI to An6 male straight adapter.

Note that you want a steel one, because you will need to heat it in order to bend it. The engine bolt right below the fuel pressure regulator interferes, so you have to modify it. I broke an aluminum one trying to heat and bend it.

I drilled a 5/16" hole in a block of aluminum, heated the middle of the tube, stuck a big socket loosely over the threads, and bent it slowly by hand.





an AN6 45 to hose finishes this end.


On the other end, you will need an AN6 straight to hose fitting, and this:

It is 14mm

That's it.



FYI the output from the pump is the same type part, but 16mm in case anyone ever needs it.


Hope this helps someone. It was a pita to get the right parts figured out.













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17 hours ago, Erikl said:

Can you post a pic of the finished other end?  Thanks or the write up.  Great info.

I'll post a pic this evening

6 hours ago, Erikl said:

Also, did you use a full on Oxy Acetylene torch or just propane/MAP gas for the bend?  Looks like you are pretty well set up and have access to the former. 

Just a propane torch. I was afraid I would blow it out with a real torch. It took it a bit to get it hot enough to bend, and never got red hot, but it worked out fine.



Note: I thought I posted this earlier, but I don't see my reply. Hopefully I'm not posting the same info again


A little more info.

Here are the end to hose fittings:


800106ERL  - straight to hose

Amazon doesn't have this one for some reason



804606erl  - 45degree to hose

I've also posted this on the turboesprit list so that it'll be out there when someone needs it.


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Thinking about this some more last night.  Changing these lines to AN woudl allow you to easily add an in line high quality FPR and a fuel pressure gauge.  Nice parts to have if upgrading/modernizing the turbo.

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This is great information much appreciated. Thank you.

I came across a 3/8 GM Quick Connect Male BLACK Z148N -6AN 90°:

Would you think this would work instead of bending a straight adapter? 

Last question, how much hose would be needed?

Take care,


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You'd want to try this one (it's 5/16" instead of 3/8"). It looks like it might be a bit too long before the bend, but I would definitely give it a try. Worst case, you might have to pull off the fuel pressure regulator, stuff that in, and slide it back on if there isn't enough room to stuff it in normally.


Funny, I couldn't find anything like that when I was searching.


I would get 5 or 6' of hose just to be safe.

I used plastic braided, as I saw a lot of folks say that the steel acts like a saw when it moves around.

This is what I used. Plenty for $22



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Much appreciated. I am getting all the parts together for the winter Esprit projects so with the age of my fuel lines, this is a very worthwhile upgrade. I too will go with a non steel hose on the return line  as I do not want issues with the hose potentially sawing through anything. 

I am also taking this opportunity to upgrade my fuel pressure regulator to a Aeromotive 13109 B A1000 EFI Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with a gauge. 

This info has been quite helpful!



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