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Billet machined S1 / S2 / S2.2 and S4 / V8 Rear Hub Carriers!


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I don’t need them, but well done Ignas.

 They look great. 

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All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Fantastic - I know how difficult these parts are to find for those who need them - and priced very fairly - well done.

If/when you manufactor an airbox and trunking for a twin carb esprit, excel etc. I'll be first on your list and prepared to pay well. I only ever see battered and broken examples for sale at silly prices.

Good luck with your endeavours.

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Tried to send PM, but computer says no!

Here's an example of a rubbish airbox for sale on ebay and look at the price!

The later Stevens N/A like my own are even harder to find as the intake is centre rather than end.

Some companies produce blank backplates where you can cut your own holes, but I've not seen any with the correct spacing for Lotus twin carbs (I think it was 110mm) but here's the nearest that I could find, but again, not the middle air intake.

My airbox was at some point taken out and K&N filters added instead.

I've seen numerous posts with many images of missing or broken clamps or bodged repairs of broken parts.

Something that fits the twin carbs for air intake would be fantastic and the price point for me would be £250-350 depending on the material used and if the air filter was a 'common' standard. I'm fairly sure the airbox (if made lighter) would fit Stevens/S3 and other Excel/Eclat Lotus models - others would know better on this site.

I've thought of borrowing a genuine original part and take a trip to China to get 100 made ūüôā¬†

I am however not competent at anything like this, so the best of luck if you manage something. 

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25 minutes ago, DaKa said:

Tried to send PM, but computer says no!

That's worrying, maybe I need to check my settings.

It's fascinating, if we could get our hands on an original part we can make it for accurate original fitment, our 3D scans are of frankly unnecessarily high detail for the job, that wouldn't be a problem. Getting them made is a whole different story, definitely not a CNC job at £300 especially considering the part size.

It would be interesting to experiment with 3D printing these in carbon fibre. We are planning to invest in an industrial grade machine using real continuous carbon fibre filament, we want the machine primarily to get into generative design parts for motorsports but it could do for this application as well. Besides, it would be just as strong as aluminum 6061 but at almost half the weight!

If not it would be a stamping job, a bit out of my expertise there not going to lie. I will look further into this however, do you think there's a need for at least a couple dozen of these, given this number?

25 minutes ago, DaKa said:

100 made


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I have no idea regarding 3D printing cost and whether you Geta. reasonable margin after scanning, but at the right price and being suitable for more than one model, I would like to think these would sell well, both as a 'lighter' upgrade and for those with broken clips, cracks and botched holes.

Someone likely has one sitting on a shelf somewhere in perfect condition to scan, but it will prove difficult to get a donor as most likely it will belong¬†to an aged hoarder like myself ūüôā¬†.¬†

auto type!

'Geta.' should read 'get a' 

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Speaking to Ignas, formerly of Novorota, for some time about getting Rear Uprights (hubs here) produced for Project M71 

As known, the business is no longer in existence and they only produced one pair for a test installation - he is very busy on a new project with tight deadlines, working all hours of the day, so things are moving slowly but in his words he is "thinking about giving you and everyone else the files for free, they are CNC ready, and any modern shop wouldn't need anything else to make a pair"

Let's hope this happens... and thinking ahead it would be an opportunity for the usual combining for a "club order", as I'm sure a machine shop would give favorable prices for a larger order

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