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Adapt Fire/Battery Emergency accessories from a Cup to non Cup ?

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I have a Sport 350 with radio

I would like to replace the radio with the radio's cover and switchs from Cup


I found the "interior" parts :

If i'm correct i would need only those parts :

1b, 2b (fire/battery switch)

11 x2 (collars)

8 (Panel cover)

9a (mouting radio blank w/ 2 switch)

Do i also need 10a ?!


I found the electrical extinguisher part :

But i don't know if it comes with wires and plumbing ?


Also i can't find the parts to connect to the battery switch .. because i wonder it s not just a 2 points but a good FIA 6 points  .. is it ?!


Thank you


Do you also know if i can buy another electrical extinguisher because this one is really expensive ?



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I've looked into this in the past.. my recommendation would be to buy the external flange/cover assembly (parts 3, 4, and 5). Then find a decent tuner who can then fit you the cut off and extinguisher.

The cut off and extinguisher are nothing specific or special, a decent tuner can source the right items and fit.

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If i choose to add the external parts, can someone open the cover when the car is parked engine OFF and activate the extinguisher and battery cut ?

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You have an internal switch to engage / enable the fire extinguisher circuit.
When off, switches don't have any effect.

Not sure about the battery cut.

You see this internal switch on your second Deroure link, that's the small box with a 3 positions switch : off / test / enable.

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