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Road & Track magazine strike again


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Lovely write up. Crying shame that the UK press rarely wax so lyrical, or if they do, they temper the positivity by saying that you should still buy a f**king, sorry, cooking Porsche.

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11 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

Lovely write up. Crying shame that the UK press rarely wax so lyrical, or if they do, they temper the positivity by saying that you should still buy a cooking Porsche.

I can kind of understand why the UK press say this.

Not *everyone* enjoys driving enough to make the various sacrifices you do to choose an Evora over a 911.

The entirety of the ownership experience has to be taken into account (including things like after sales care - important when spending £80k+) , and on those grounds it’s hard to say everyone should buy the Evora. It’s a like a game of Top Trumps where the Evora scores 100 for driving, but gets edged on 4 other categories and walloped on a couple more :)

Having said that, the Evora is a lot closer in most of those categories than it has any right to be for an 11 year old car, and it should have sold a fuck tonne more units than it has. After the Esprit V8 débâcle a Toyota engine was exactly what the Evora needed, but somehow didn’t seem to be what everyone wanted. 🤷‍♂️

Makes it a bloody good used buy though!

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No way I would spent £80k* on an Evora  vs even a base spec 911 or a spyder or gt4.

Porsches I’ve had a few of GT and none GT and never had an issue Evora and Exige lots of niggles. Build quality no comparison and dealers in every city too.

Lotus never seem as fast (over egged bhp vs under egged).

When I sell a Porsche it’s gone in days and often for same or more than I paid  .... a Lotus takes ages.

Porsche you can extend warranty until 14 years old etc.

Lotus out priced them selves with latest generation of Evora and it’s simply not an car that warrants £80k plus.  

And I love them but they just don’t have the build quality, dealer network or end to end fit and finish to justify the RRP sadly. An epic drivers car but so are lots <£80k.

Sadly as the gen 1 proved even sub £50K a hard sell. Again I had one and then a GT4 not too long after. GT4 was double price sold  but sold for a £12k profit but no quicker real world.

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1 hour ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

It seems that you’re particularly interested in re-sale values, so even you must concede that the Lotus range has very strong residuals. That £50k S1 Evora from 11 years ago is still worth £25,000 - £27,000. For comparison there’s only one tidy equivalent 2009 Cayman on PH, up for sale at an independent dealer with a price tag of £18,750. So the Evora has significantly outperformed the Cayman in that respect.

Agreed, I’ve sold all of my Lotus for more than I paid originally. Even owned the last one for 8 years and more than doubled the Kms.

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Another advantage that the Evora has is that you’re not going to get a repair bill that effectively writes the car off.

I think the poor quality (or more specifically the inconsistent quality) of the early cars effectively killed off any hope it had of being a commercial success, and although those days are gone, the damage was done.

I had a 2010 Evora, and frankly the quality simply wasn’t good enough for any car (let alone an expensive one) hoping to go mainstream. However, it was fundamentally very reliable and of course a complete hoot to drive.

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Honestly, I think there is a huge disconnect from reviewers and the public. Kind of similar to movies nowadays it seems. The reviewers praise the Evora for its great handling, light weight, simplicity, etc. All the person reading the review sees is416HP + Camry engine + $100k + No modern amenities + No local dealer = does not compute. Most people, even sports car people, see things very simple. They want to see high HP numbers, sub 3 second 0 - 60, exotic engines, scissor doors and fancy touch screens. Chassis stiffness, handling, light weight, fun... most of that doesn't mean anything if you can't wow your neighbor and tell them it has 600HP.

To be fair I am not these knocking people (okay maybe that last sentence was a little bit of a knock). Cars are an expensive purchase. Most people are going to go with something that is more easily understandable and quantifiable. Driving feel is not one of those things that can not be easily quantified. Its also not one of those things you are going to experience on a 10 minute highway test drive (watch Doug Demuro's reviews).

Lotus is going to have to cater to at least some mainstream ideals unfortunately and I am sure they already know this. The next 5 years will be interesting to see what they do.

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